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Passport Photo- in Store vs Online

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Hong Kong Passport photos

For Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card photos, please click here.

Below is an outline of Hong Kong Passport Photo Requirements.

  • Three identical passport photos are required for Hong Kong passports
  • Hong Kong Passport photos specify no hats allowed
  • Overall size is 50x40mm for Hong Kong Photos
  • Crown to Chin must be between 32 and 36mm
  • Background must be white
  • Recent Colour Photos required for Hong Kong Passport Photos
  • Photos must be taken using plain white background showing applicant's face and prominent features clearly
  • Photos should show applicants in decent attire, with sleeves and collar.
  • Applicants maybe allowed to wear eyeglasses provided the eyes are distinctly shown
  • Women are not allowed to wear a veil except in cases of Muslims and nuns
  • Long hair and earring are not allowed for men. * Photos taken at the MTR or Photo-Me are not acceptable


Acceptable File Format of Digital Photograph for Online Application (For passport application only)

Hong Kong also allows online applications for passport. With online application, you can upload a digital photo online. You can order a digital photo also on our website. Instead of printed photos, select digital image while placing your order. Here are the specs for online digital passport photo for Hong Kong.

Acceptable file format:
Image type: JPEG
File size: 600Kbytes or below
Acceptable dimension:
Captured by scanner (600dpi) - Photograph size: 40 mm(W) x 50 mm(H)
Captured by digital camera - Image size: 1200 px(W) x 1600 px(H)

Here is a sample photo for Hong Kong passport:

Hong Kong Passport photos

Sample of Valid and Invalid Passport photos for Hong Kong Passport

hong kong passport

Hong Kong Visa Photos:
They are same as US Passport photos- 2x2 inch.

Hong Kong "Permanent Identity Card" Photos:


  1. Two identical photographs of the size of 29mm x 35 mm are required
  2. It should be taken full face without a hat
  3. The background shall be plain and of a light colour
  4. The photographic paper used should be thin, unglazed, unmounted and of a type that can be firmly affixed to papers.

To order Hong Kong Permanent Identiy Card photos with us, on the PayPal order, in the field for Country name, please include "HongKong PI Card- Matt". See the example below:

Hong Kong Permenent Identity Card for Residents Application- How to:

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