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Passport Photo- in Store vs Online

Are you not in the USA? We Can Still Help You Get Photos Within 2 Days At No Extra Cost*. Click here for details.

Your Only Source in the USA to get Passport Photos for PIO (PERSONS OF INDIAN ORIGIN) CARD
(Links for India OCI Card photos, India PIO Card Photos, India Visa photos, India PAN Card photos) proudly offers online passport photo service for PIO card photos. You can get 6 PIO Card photos for one low price of $7.95. Indian Consulates at San Francisco, Chicago and Houston (through Travisa) require 2x2 inch (51x51mm) sized PIO card photos. If your consulate requires 35mmx35mm sized photos, please click on this link and let us know, or email us and let us know at


Most consulates of India in the USA have outsourced PIO Card applications to Travisa outsourcing This has resulted in two important changes:
Travisa requires 2x2 inch photos for PIO card applications.
2) Travisa officially does not allow glasses in photos. On their website, and in their communications, they clearly mention: "No glasses are allowed to be worn in the photo" so if you are wearing glasses, please provide us a photo without glasses.
(However when we called their office on Friday, May 13, 2011, Alicia of Travisa told us that glasses are OK provided eyes are clearly visible).

Breakout news: Feb-2013

At the inaugural session of GOPIO/PBD, Minister for overseas Indian affairs (MOIA) Vayalar Ravi announced the merger of the Overseas Citizens of India (OCI) and People of Indian Origin (PIO) to a single card. The minister made this announcement at the inaugural session of the 11th edition of the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (PBD), the NRI conclave that began in Kochi on January 7, 2013. In general, PIO cards are issued to Indians who have been staying abroad for couple of generations while OCI cards are given to those who are more recent migrants and have taken citizenships in other countries. The OCI cards are practically visas that enable its holders to enter India for an indefinite period, while PIO card holders have to apply for separate visas.

The merging of these two cards could make PIO card holders also eligible for the benefits that are enjoyed by OCI card holders. Minister Ravi said the proposed amendment to the Emigration Act 1983 had been circulated to other ministries for comments. Once the comments are received, the bill would be sent to the Prime Minister for approval. Subsequently the cabinet has to approve it before it is placed before the Parliament.


PIO card photo size within Canada

If you are in Canada, you can still order with us and get photos within a day at no extra charge. We will make 35x35mm photos for you and email them on a 4x6 inch print format which you can get printed at home or at any local photo store, like any digital camera print, and you will get exact sized 8 35 mm sized photos for PIO card applications:

Consulate General of India Toronto requires "Two photographs - Black & White or Colour against a light background showing full frontal view of the face (size 35mm x 35mm)".
* This consulate serves Indian passport applications from residents of Ontario , Quebec (except places falling under the jurisdiction of HCI, Ottawa), Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland.

Consulate General of India at Vancouver requires "Four photographs – Colour – against a light background showing full frontal view of the face.Notarized copies of both sides of the PR card may be sent'. ( approximate size 3.5 cm X 3.5 cm ), not more than 6 months old."
* Vancouver consulate of India serves residents of Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon Territory and Northwest Territories

According to specifications (Page-4)
" Flexibility in Childrens' photographs
Babies under one year do not have to have their eyes open. As regards the photograph of the children under ten years of age, requirements can be somewhat relaxed in respect of height of the face, and the position of the eyes in the photographs; and in case of babies and infants also, the position of the face, the facial expression, the eyes and the line of sight can have some relaxation. However, a frontal photograph with clarity is r equired for children. It should show the child alone (no chair backs, toys or other people visible), looking at the camera with a neutral expression and the mouth closed."

Feedback from our customers:

Thank you very much. As usual amazing service. I really appreciate what you are doing for Indians overseas.

Ashish Advani
Thu 4/29/10 8:47 AM

Let me congratulate you for the excellent and amazing service. You have done amazing job and would surely recommend you to my friends. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.
Mohan Tenneti
Sat 4/04/09 6:40 PM

Hello there,

I picked up our passport photos today and they look great. Thanks for a smooth transaction and a great deal too!

- Josh
Los Angeles, May 12, 2011


First, make sure the photo you send us meets following requirements:

  • Full UPPER HALF BODY view with all facial features clearly visible.
  • Face should neither be too bright nor too dark
  • If wearing spectacles – reflection of light from the glasses should not be visible.
  • No visible shadow on the face or background.
  • Do not wear white/ light colored shirt as it blends with light background.
  • Light reflection from hair should not be visible.

    Additional Detail about "PIO Card" (PERSONS OF INDIAN ORIGIN) Passport Photos Requirements:

    Disclaimer: We have found conflicting information about PIO Card photos so please check your Consulate's website or call them for exactly what size of passport photos they are looking for- 2"x2" or 35mmx35mm. After you place an order, please let us know by clicking here what size of PIO card photo you need.

    Important: Most consulates have out-sourced PIO applications to Travisa and Travisa requires 2x2 inch photos.

    Embassy of India, Washington, DC:
    * E: Documents required:
    7. Photographs – Four ( 2" X 2" Front pose with light background only)
    * K: Endorsement of new passport number in the PIO Card
    Paste 2"X2" - Recent photo with light color background, in the box provided

    PIO Card information at Indian Consulate, Washington DC

    Consulate of India, Houston, Texas:
    Effective 1st February, 2011, The consulate has out-sourced PIO processing to Travisa. Travisa requires following:

    4 photos: Four recent passport size (2x2 inch- 51x51mm) photos of the application should be provided.

    Consulate General of India, San Francisco:
    Some customers have reported that Indian consulate in San Francisco asks that the photo should be 2" x 2" for PIO Card applications..

    Reproduced from their website:

    As your photograph is scanned and printed on the passport, it should be of a high quality for reproduction and conform to International Civil Aviation Organization specifications:

    • Photographs of 2 inches x 2 inches or 35mm x 35mm photos - one to be pasted in the box on page 1 (one) and the 2nd photo to be stapled on the blank portion (below ‘for official use only’) on page 4 (four). Some Consulates ask for 3 additional photos so please verify with your consulate.
    • Sufficiently bright color photo with frontal view of full face against a light background
    • Close-up of head and top of shoulders with the face filling up 70% to 80% of the photo
    • Sharp focus, clear, and of high quality
    • Following kinds of photographs are not accepted
      Black and white photographs
      Photographs with colored or dark glasses
      With dark background or in uniform
      Polaroid, home-shot or home-scanned, or unduly large/small photographs are not accepted
    • Photograph should be recent and in no case more than six months old If there is distinct difference between your photograph in the earlier passport and the current photograph, sign on the front of the second photograph on the 'blank part of page 4' and have it notarized (follow process of ‘Change of Appearance.’)

    Consulate General of India, Chicago

    g)Attach 4 recent passport size (2" X 2" without border) good quality colour photographs with full frontal view with white background only. One to be pasted (not stapled) on each application (first on original and second on the copy) and remaining 2 to be stapled on the first original application form.

    Consulate General of India, New York

    The website for NYC Consulate does not mention much details about the photo size or anything. They just mention that "Four recent passport size photographs of the applicant showing frontal view of full face;"

    Based on our experience, we have seen emails from the consulate itself asking for 2x2 inch photos and also some customers confirmed with us that the Consulate/paper work asked them to submit 35mm x 35mm sized photos. This is really confusing. Looks like any of these two sizes will work with New York Consulate of India for PIO applications. So please email us after placing your order what size of photos do you want us to create for you. If we do not hear anything, we would create 2x2 inch photos for applicants to New York Consulate.


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