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Chinese Passport Photos

OnlinePassportPhotos.com offers online ordering for Chinese Visa and Passport photos. China passport photos are in 33x 48mm size and it is very difficult to get photos in this size from most passport photo locations or stores in the USA. We can help you get these photos at lower prices- 8 photos per person for $7.95. You can pick up your photos generallly within 24 hours by providing the address or your local Walgreens or CVS store. You can also select to get a photosheet in email which you can print at home or get printed at any photo printing service.

Chinese Passport Photos Size and Dimensions

How to Order your Chinese Passport Photos with onlinepassportphoto.com

We will give you 8 Passport photos for China for a low price of $7.95. Ordering is easy. Follow the 3 steps listed on the top of this page.

If you are not sure about your photo will work or not, validate it on this page. Compare your photo with sample photos on that page to see if your photo can be converted into valid passport or visa photos. Or, just email us your photos to passportphotos@hotmail.com and we will verify it for you. If the photos are good, we will send you a link of payment. If the photos have issues, we will provide you specific tips so you can take better photos. You can also upload your photos for verification/approval on this link.

Once you are ready to order, we need two things: Your photo(s) and your order/payment.
To send us your photo(s), you can upload them on our server by clicking here: Upload your photo(s) and to place your order and to make your payment, click here: Make Payment. These two steps/tasks can be done in any order but needs to be completed within 30 minutes window. Our server based matching automatically matches your photos with your name, address, email address that you use on your PayPal.
If you have any confusion or doubts about our processes, or if you think the information mentioned above about passport or visa photos for your country is not accurate, please click here to contact us.

Chinese Passport Photos

Chinese Visa Photos Size and Dimensions

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