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(Passport, Visa, Citizenship, Naturalization, Lottery Visa, DS-160/1648, etc.)

Canada (Passport, Visa, Immigration, Temp Resident Visa Digital Photo)
China Visa
India (OCI, Passport, PAN Card)
New Zealand
Schengen Visa
United Kingdom/UK

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For a fully stream-lined order processing, you can place your order on our sister website at You will receive the same great service and excellent quality photos that we are known for.

If you are not sure if your digital photo(s) will work or not, you can click here and provide us your photos for pre-approval. We will send you a link for payment if your photo(s) can be used or we will provide you necessary tips to take appropriate photos.
* Please provide us your original digital photo(s). Do not edit or crop your photo; we will crop properly at our end.
* Please avoid to use any old photo that was taken at some party, family gathering or during vacation. Most such photos do not have plain white or light backgrouond, straight head and shoulders. Verify your photo against sample photos on this page.

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Please select the picture from your computer by clicking the Browse button below. Make sure to enter your name and email address. Then click on Upload Photo button to upload your photo to our servers. If you are ordering Passport photos or Visa pictures for more than one person, please upload pictures one at a time by coming back to this page. Once all photos are uploaded, you can pay for them together in a single order.

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Important: By clicking on the 'Upload Photo' button below, you confirm that you are the owner of photo being uploaded and the its use will not cause any copyright violation.

Quick FAQs:

If OnlinePassportPhoto finds that my uploaded photo can not be converted into good passport photos, what happens to my payment?

No Worries. If we find that the photo uploaded with your order can not be converted into valid passport or visa photos, we will e-mail you and ask you to e-mail us or upload again new digital photo(s). We will repeat this until we have a digital photo from you which can be converted into valid passport photos.

In worst case, if you are not able to provide us good digital photo(s), we will refund your payment.

Instead of uploading my pages, can I email them?

Sure. If this form is not working for some reason, you can email the picture as an attachment by sending email to: (Why there is no click-able link on this email address? This is to prevent our email address from going in the hands of spammers who most of the time run automated programs to collect email addresses from various web pages)

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