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France /French Passport photo, Identity Card photo in the USA


Passport or Identity card photo for France is very similar to EU or Schengen photos. However, there is one difference. They clearly prohibit white background.

Specs for France ID card photo:

Passport photos must be recent (taken less than 6 months ago ) and look alike.

For an identity card or passport application, there is only one photo to provide.

Identity photo: standards to be respected




The photo must be clear, without creases or traces.


Width: 3.5cm

Height: 4.5cm

Face size: between 3.2 and 3.6 cm (i.e. 70 to 80% of the photo), from the bottom of the chin to the top of the skull (excluding hair)

Brightness, contrast and colors

The photo should not show either over-exposure or under-exposure.

It must be properly contrasted, with no shadow cast on the face or in the background.

A color photo is strongly recommended.


The background must be plain, light in color (light blue or light gray for example).

White background is prohibited.


The head must be bare (no hat, scarf or headband for example).

The head should be straight and the face directed towards the lens.

look and expression

You have to set the goal.

The expression should be neutral and the mouth should be closed.

Face and eyes

The face should be clear.

The eyes must be perfectly visible and open.


The hair should not cover the face.

Fringe may be acceptable if it does not cover the eyes.

Ears should be clear.

Glasses and frames

If you have glasses, you don't have to wear them in the photos.

However, if you wear them:

  • The frame should not be thick and not obscure the eyes
  • The glasses must be neither tinted nor colored and without reflection


Sample Photos:

France Passport ID photo