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Passport Photo at Walgreens

Walgreens is the most convenient choice for passport photos for most US citizens. They charge $15.99 for 2 passport photos which are similar to prices at CVS or RiteAid. Sometimes they have coupons or deals for $2 off. There is a way you get 6 Passport photos for $8.95 at your local Walgreens store.
Also, most Walgreens stores offer only 2x2 inch US Passport photos but it is NOT possible to get PAN card, OCI photos or Passport photos for any other country! If you want to save money, and get more photos, not only for USA but for any country, click here to visit iPassportphotos.com

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Watch this video. Take a photo at home and upload it on this link. We will do the rest!

There are some DIY services that offer passport photos online for FREE but their automated tools do not fix shadows behind ears or tilted face. They don't fix the background or enhance exposure/contrast in your photos. Having seen photos of thousands of customers, it is safe to say that 95% of photos have issues like redeye, shadows, non-white-background, tilted head, reflections of flash on glasses.

However if you like to have passport photos taken near your home, click here for Passport photo service near you and price comparison among them.

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Passport Photo at Walgreens

Walgreen Co.
108 Wilmot Road Deerfield, IL 60015 USA
Phone: 847-315-2500 Fax: 847-914-2804 Website: http://www.walgreens.com

Walgreens (stock symbol WAG) is a leading chain of Pharmacy/Convenience stores with around 7847 stores in 50 US states.
Walgreens Store Locations:
Most probably you will have one Walgreens near you. To find out if they have Passport Photos facility in your local Walgreens store, please click on this link. It will take you the right page. Enter your Zip and find the local store. Our advice would be to call the store and make sure they take passport photos, their passport photo equipment is working and they have the photo technician available to take your passport photos.

Passport Photo Deals at Walgreens: Walgreens normally charges $14.99 for " two perfectly sized, professional-quality photos printed in compliance with government regulations". Most stores do not offer Passport Photos for countries other than the USA. Regarding Passport photo coupons at Walgreens, we have seen that they have $8 for 2 passport photos promotions once or twice a year.
Deal Expired! Here is the current deal to save $1 on Passport photos with Walgreens. You will get 2 passport photos at the store for $14.99 with this coupon.

Walgreens Photo Print Quality: Walgreens' photo has excelled the art of printing photos. Having worked with many different stores, including Costco, we rate the quality of photo prints at Walgreens to be among the best. It is our first choice. Plus, most Walgreens employees we have come across are very customer friendly and helpful.

Besides Passport photos, most photo labs in Walgreens offer economical pricing for printing your digital camera photos on 4x6 inch prints, or in sizes like 5x7 inches, 8x10 inches. They also have a wide array of Photo Gift ideas and collage prints. In our estimage, Walgreens is a leader in photo printing services in the US.

If you decide to order with us, we can also get your photos printed at your local Walgreens store for free. This way when you visit your favorite Walgreens store, your photos will be ready for pick up. Click here to know details about our "pick up at your local store" service.

Passport photo at Walgreens vs Passport Photo Online:

  1. The process is simple. Go to the store and get photos taken at any local Walgreens store.
  2. You can get photos within hours for US Passports iin 2x2 inch size.
  3. Walgreens stores can be found within few miles in most cities.


  1. Passport photo near me: Walgreens stores may not be there in many areas and on the other hand, you can order Passport photo online from your home, any where in the world.
  2. Walgreens Passport photo cost: Compared to only 2 photos for $15.95 at Walgreens, you can get passport photo printing from home with us- 6 passport photos for USA for only $8.95 and 12 photos for $9.95. If you want to go to store for passport photo, click here to find Passport Photos Walgreens Coupon
  3. If you are driving say 10 miles to go to a Walgreens store just to get your passport photos, you will be spending around $10 as per GSA per mile costing of $.50 cents by US Government.
  4. Besides your driving time, you will be expected to wait around an hour since you entered the store and leaving the store with finished photos.
  5. Passport photo service at Walgreen: Most Walgreens stores offer only 2x2 inch US Passport photos. OnlinePassportPhoto.com offers passport photos for almost any country (including UK, Germany, India, China, Korea, Australia, Canada etc.) and in any size. You can also order 35x45mm photos for UK, Australia, Europe, or 33x48mm photos for China Passport, or 35x35mm photos for Indian Passport.


    Page last updated: June 28. 2021