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Passport Photos for Any Country in Any Size

Different Countries have different requirements for Passport/Visa Photos. Click on the name of the country below to get detailed specs for that country.


Different countries require photos of different sizes. The USA requires passport photos in 2x2 inch or 51x51mm size. For Australian, the size is 35mmx45mm to 40mm x 50mm. China requires passport photos in the size 33mm x 48mm. UK Passport Photo size is 35mmx45mm. Canada Passport photos are in 2 x3 inch size but for a visa, they require photos in 35x45mm. Indian Passport Photos are 35x35mm in size but most consulates in the USA accept 2x2 inch photos.
For the full list of countries and their passport photo requirements, please click here. If your country is not listed below, click here and provide us the requirements of your country and we will help you out at one of the lowest rates around.

passport photo size for USA, Canada, EU, India

Click on the country name below to look at its Passport /Visa photo requirements:

   US passport photo
   US Citizenship(Naturalization)
   US visa photo
   US Lottery Visa
   Digital Image for DS-160/1648
   USCIS visa (Asylum visa, Relative petition, etc)

United Kingdom passport photos
UKBA (UK Border Agency Photos)
UAE (United Arab Emirates) visa photos
Schengen passport
Schengen visa
Australia passport photo

Czech Visa
Cuba passport photo

France Passport -French Identity Card photo
German visa photo
Germany passport photo

   Passport Canada
  Citizenship Canada
   Canada visa photo
  PR Card
  Canada Temp Resident Visa Digital Photo IMM 5256

   India visa photo
   OCI photo- digital and printed
   KYC Form
   PAN card photo India

   China passport photo
   China visa photo

Hong Kong passport photo
Italy passport photo
Japan passport photo
Japan visa photos
Korean passport photo
Malaysia passport photo
Mexico passport photo
Netherlands (Dutch)
New Zealand
Philippines passport/PRC photo
Russia passport photos

Russian visa photos
South Africa
St. Kitts & Nevis Passport Photos


Here are some sample passport photo sizes for some countries:

China Passport Photo

Australian Passport Photos

Australian Passport Photo


USA Passport picture
US Passport Picture

passport photo review