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Passport Photo- China

For China Visa Photos, please click here.
Chinese passport photos are in 33x 48mm size which are very difficult to get in the USA or in most other countries.Luckily, you can order with us a digital image as well as printed Passport/Visa photos for China. We will provide 9 photos for $9.95 which can be picked up usually within 24 hours at a store near you- any Walgreens or CVS. (We can also email you a photo sheet which you can print at home, or any store near you in person.. This way, you can get photos for China passport or visa from any part of the world same day, and at a much lower cost, compared to 2 USA passport photos for $18-20 at most places within the USA..)
*** To order your Digital as well as printed photos for China, please click on this link***

China Passport Photo Specs

Digital Image Requirements

  1. Color: a color (RGB 24bit true color) photo, any black and white photo is not accepted.
  2. Background: can only use white and off-white background
  3. Size: 33mm×48mm for a paper photo.
  4. Date: recent photo taken in last 6 months.
  5. Quality: a clear-cut photo in high resolution, without any damage, stain, fold creases, and no shadows over the face or in the background.
  6. Format: photos must be JPEG images, within the size of 40 KB - 120 KB.
  7. Others: the photos should present the front view of applicants, and show the full facial features clearly and completely. The head should be horizontally centered with a certain distance to the upper and bottom edges.

China Passport Specs: Printed Photos

  • China Passport Photos must be 48mm x 33mm
  • Head height is between 28mm - 33mm
  • Head width is between 21mm - 24mm
  • A white or light blue background is required
  • When ordering passport or visa photos for China with us, please make sure your photo meets these requirements:
    • Take a photo in natural daylight, not in the artificial evening or night light. The face should neither be too bright nor too dark
    • Full UPPER HALF BODY view with all facial features clearly visible.
    • No smiling: No Teeth visible. Neutral expression.
    • Eyes should be wide open, and clearly visible.
    • Make sure both ears are visible
    • The photo has no shadows (To avoid shadows, stand around 2 feet away from the wall)
    • The background is uniform with a white or light blue color.
    • If wearing spectacles - reflections of light from the glasses should not be visible.
    • No visible shadow on the face or background.
    • Do not wear a white/ light-colored shirt as it blends with a light background.

      China Digital photo

    *** To order your Digital as well as printed photos for China, please click on this link***

    China Passport PhotoChinese Passport Photo sample

  • How Can You Order Your Passport Photos?

    Ordering is easy. Follow the 3 steps listed at the top of this page. We will give you 8 photos for China for a low price of $8.95.
    If you are not sure about your photo will work or not, click here to validate. Compare your photo with sample photos on that page to see if it can be used to make valid passport photos. Or, just email us your photo to passportphotos@outlook.com. We will validate your photo and If it is good, we will send you a link to make payment. If the photo has any issues, we will provide you with specific tips so you can take proper photos. You can also upload your photos for verification/approval on this link.

    Once you are ready to order, we need two things: Your photo(s) and your order/payment.
    To send us your photo(s), you can upload them on our server by clicking here: Upload your photo(s) and to place your order and to make your payment, click here: Make Payment. These two steps/tasks can be done in any order. Our server-based intelligent matching tags your photos with your name, address, and email address that you use on PayPal payment.
    If you have any confusion or doubts about our processes, or if you think the information mentioned above about passport or visa photos for your country is not accurate, please click here to contact us.

    Page last updated: September 15, 2023