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I picked up my passport photos today from Walgreens which was only about 4 hours after placing my order on-line. Wow! The pictures look great. I was very pleased and would certainly use onlinepassportphoto.com again.
Rick in AZ

About Us:

I was reading a book over one of the weekends, written by Subway founder. Not sure of the name of the book or name of the author but I guess that is a very popular motivational book. I guess I did not read beyond first 20 or so pages, which explained first of the 18 tips the author talks about in that book. The first tip talked about doing something, starting small if needed, to test your ideas. This inspired me and I was looking for an idea and on the third day this idea of provide passport photos online came in mind. (With Internet access and digital cameras everywhere, passport photos had to become iPassport photos LOL). Fourth day, got the domain name and in next two days, I set up this Web site! Later I found some talent and skill in India and out-sourced the photo editing work. On a surprising note, we rarely advertise online or off-line. Most of the business is through referrals by satisfied customers and organic search on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

We are trying to find a business opportunity where we have fun and you can also have something good (actually good is not good enough to describe our mission- please read 'great') along with saving money. After two years into this, we can confidently say that everyday we are able to bring joy/smile/surprise for few people. Everyday we have a handful of people who voluntarily write back to us and share their feedback. Some of them we post on different pages of our website. We started OnlinePassportPhoto.com for US Passport photos but now we have expanded into passport or visa photos for almost any country in the world. US citizens who are traveling overseas or US residents who are citizens of other countries have greatly benefited with our services. For most people, it is difficult to find a place that will take 35x35mm photos for Indian Passport or 25x35mm for PAN Card, or 35x45mm photos for UK Passport. We have proved to be very handy to such people.

Many of you may not trust us initially because of our simple website and business processes. You may be afraid to use your credit card with us. Let me assure you we have no intentions of whatsoever to cheat you. Also your payment is processed by PayPal. We don't take your credit card information on our website. PayPal and credit card companies will stand behind your payment and you can dispute with them if any online merchant, including us, does not deliver what you have paid for.

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