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How To Take Photos at Home For Passport Photos

Passport photo size for US Passports is 2x2 inch or 51x51mm. However, the size can change dramatically if you have a passport from some other country. Australian Passport Photo size is 35mmx45mm and for China, it is 33mm x 48mm. In the UK, it is 35mmx45mm while in Canada, it is 4x6 cm.

Important note: Please take photos without glasses for USA passport photos. This is a new requirement effective November 1, 2016. (See this link for details: https://travel.state.gov/content/passports/en/news/no-glasses.html)

Watch this video : How to Take Photo at Home to Make Passport Photos

Tips for Taking Photos at home for converting into Passport pictures (Passport photos) (Passport picture size 2"x2")

Top Tips:

* Don't wear glasses if possible. For USA, glasses are not allowed anyway.
* Wear dark clothes as that can give a better contrast in the photo.

* Stand 1.2 meters, around 4 feet from the person and take a photo.
* Use white or light-colored background. Find a place that has a plain white/light-colored wall to use as a background or use a white bed sheet or paper as a background.
* Do not take close up of head only. Include at least 10 to 12 inches of the body below the chin in the photo. We can always trim what they do not need in Passport or Visa photos; but if you include less than what is needed, there is no way we can fill in/add missing things (like shoulders, etc)!!!

* Set Camera to 2 MP to 8MP resolution mode.
* Set the optical zoom to 3-4 times or 3x to 4x

Composition tips:-Keep around 4 feet of distance between person and camera. Or, Imagine the photo you are taking is made up of 9 identical pieces/squares. The face has to be no bigger than one of those 9 squares and should be in the middle. The square in the Green line shows how a Passport photo will be made out of it. Please do not crop the photo at your end. Give us an original photo from your camera or smartphone.
great photo
Compare your photo to the following official specs by the USA. Your photo needs to include full shoulders and body below Chin level, as shown below.
passport photos

(To download these tips in a PDF file or to print on your computer, click here)
How to take good photos without using in-built Camera Flash (to avoid shadows created by in-built flash):

* Use Natural light: Find a place (with plain white or light-colored background) where there is a good amount of light coming directly on the face and not from one side. If needed, try to adjust the time.
* If it is still dark, if your camera allows, please try boosting ISO to around 400-800 level. Try with different ISO settings.
* If you Camera has Av Mode, set Aperture wide open (smaller f value) so more light passes through than compared to a narrow opening.
* If you have a separate Flash unit, use it instead of the built-in Flash.

If you have to use the built-in Flash to get nice exposure, try using Camera in different positions. Hold it horizontally and take some photos. Then hold the Camera vertically and see if the shadow is minimized.
* We can digitally remove some shadows but if it is mixing with hair, it is a tough challenge to eliminate it neatly. So if possible, tie your hair so the shadow and your hair do not get mixed up.
* If you are using Flash, do not wear glasses to avoid glare in the photo. Most passport/visa offices allow no glare or reflections of light on the glasses

Here is the list of complete guideline for Passport Photos for US Passport application

"Passport Photo Size":Passport Picture Size 2"x2"

Click here to look at more tips on what type of digital photo to upload with your order.

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Tips for taking PROFESSIONAL QUALITY passport pictures at home for US Passport/VISA/Citizenship Applications

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