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USA Passport Photo Near Me

If you are Googling "Passport photo near me", you have landed the right page. On this page, you can find passport photo places near you- at Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, or at a speciality store like Office Depot, UPS or Fedex Kinkos.

Passport Photos at Costco- no longer available after February 14, 2021

From Costco.com: We are writing to inform you about the upcoming closure of the photo department at all Costco locations on Sunday, February 14, 2021.
Costco’s home movie video transfer, passport photo, photo restoration and ink cartridge refill services will no longer be available after February 14, 2021.

Here is a comparison of passport photo location near you, and their prices. The most popular places for getting Passport Photos are popular retails stores- Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Costco, Kinko's /Fedex Office, UPS Stores, US Post office and AAA offices. Please note that this comparison is for "USA Passport photos". Most of the stores in the list do not offer services for passport or visa photos for countries other than the USA. Many countries require to submit passport photos in sizes other than 2x2 inches. As an example, the Australian Passport Photo size is 35x45mm. The UK and most EU countries also require photos in that size but with a bit of differing requirements for photo background, glasses, and head size in the photos. China, for example, requires Passport Photos in size of 33 x48mm. Unlike for retail stores, there are online businesses like us, https://onlinepassportphoto.com, offer passport photos in any size and for any country for one low price. To see passport photos requirements for major countries around the world, please click here for the list of countries and their passport photo size requirements.

For countries other than the USA, it is very difficult to get photos in local stores and sometimes a customer has to pay around $20 to $50 for 2 photos! In our comparison, we have excluded non-US passport photo prices. Subscribe to our newsletter list for getting special offers, discount codes and updates about passport photos..

Please note that most of our online competitors do not fix background or enhance your photos to fully meet the passport or visa photo specifications for most countries! They just crop your photos to make passport photos! In our experience, most of the photos takenat home need manual enhancement/fixing with regards to photo background, removing red-eye, fixing exposure and/or removing shadows created by flash. We manually process every photo to eliminate most of the risk factors with your passport photos!

Our Prices

Passport, Visa or ID Photos- any country, any size Price
6 Passport/Visa photos per person $8.95
12 Passport/Visa photos per person $10.95
2x2 digital image for India OCI/ DS 160/US Online Visa/DV Lottery Visa per person $7.95
2x2 digital image plus 6 Printed Photos for India OCI/ DS 160/US Online Visa/DV Lottery Visa per person $11.95

Customer Reviews/Feedback

I really like your service and the idea is quite innovative.
Tarun, May 22,2014

Hello. I picked up my photos today. No issues. I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the quality of the passport photos. They look great! Yes, these are passport photos, not runway photos, but you sure made them look great.
Walgreens had actually taken some passport photos for me previously and the quality was poor. In addition, I was only given 2 photos and they cost $2.00 more than the 6 that I received from PassportPhotos!

I will definitely use you again. Thanks PassportPhotos!
Aug 12, 2010

Places to Have Passport Photo Taken:

There are two ways you can get your Passport photos.

1***Go to a local store or a photo lab to have your passport photo taken. You can go to (i) local Shipping Stores like UPS Store, Fedex, etc (which charge $12 to $15 for 2 photos), (ii) Drugstores like CVs, Walgreens, RiteAid (which charge around $8 to $10 for two photos), (iii) Post Office (which charges $15 for one photo), (iv) College Campuses (not all campuses offer them but the ones who do charge around $12 for 2 photos), or (v) Membership stores like Costco or Sam's club which offer passport photos at discounted prices.

2*** Or get passport photos online.

Thanks to Internet connectivity and digital cameras in most households, now there is a new option for getting passport photos. Like most things on the Internet, you can get passport photos for much less and without leaving the convenience of your home. You take a frontal portrait photo of yourself and then upload it with your order. Some passport photo experts on the Internet will make passport photos for you for a low price with the use of advanced photo editing software.

As an example, OnlinePassportPhotos.com offers 6 'passport photos' for a price as low as $8.95. Compare this to passport photo prices of other stores which usually runs from $8 to $15 for only 2 passport photos and that too only for US Passport photos! Most stores can not make passport photos for countries like Canada, UK, Germany, India, Australia or Japan. With us, you can get passport or Visa photos for any country (Tell your immigrant friends and they will really appreciate your referral).

Most online passport photo sites will print and mail your photos. This can take around a week for the photos to reach you. However, we offer Free Pick up at your local store option so you can get photos within few hours. We will prepare your photos and use the local stores to print the photos for you so you can pick up photos within hours.

Passport Photo Prices Comparison

The first column lists the retailer name which is followed by their passport photo package prices, number of photos provided and per passport photo price.

There is a link provided if you want to go directly to the Passport Photo Service provided of your choice.

# of Photos
Cost per Passport Photo

$8.95 for any other country


US Post Office Passport Photos


Wal-Mart Passport Photos

Target Stores    

Costco Photo Centers (Update: Costco no longer offers passport photos at warehouse stores)


Walgreens Passport Photos


Rite-Aid Passport Photos


CVS Passport Photos


Kinko's (Fedex Kinko's) Passport photos


UPS Stores Passport Photo service

6 or 8

*Rates are as of March 10, 2019, based on our quick search on the Internet. They are rounded for easy comparison. They are subject to change at any time by the provider. They are produced here only for comparison purposes. For the current rate for a specific provider, please contact them directly.

Customer Reviews about OnlinePassportPhotos.com
Hi , I want to thank you for your excellent service. I got my pics and they are great. I would recommend you to all my friends and anyone who wants to get their passport pics taken.
The process is quite simple and your response to any questions is great!!
Sun 6/28/09 9:00 PM

This is really amazing. The service is very quick and neat. I would recommend this to all of my friends.

Fri 3/27/09 10:10 AM

customer review 5-star

Physical Stores/ Places Near You to Have a Passport Photo Taken

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