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Passport Photos for babies FAQ

Where can I get Passport Photos for babies?
This used to be a big challenge for most parents (It is still for most parents unless you happen to be reading this page.) Most parents have come across this problem while getting passport photos for their new-born baby. Infants have different schedule to take a nap and they can fall sleep any time. With infants and very young babies, it is hard for them to keep their head straight while being photographed. This creates another problem of having white background on the photos which is one of the primary requirements for US Passport Photos.
Thanks to evolution of Digital Photos and the Internet, passport pictures for a baby or infant is no longer a headache. We, at OnlinePassportPhoto.co, excel at producing 'passport photos of babies'. Take few pictures of your baby right in your home, select the best and upload it on our website and we will do the best. Complete your order and we will deliver beautiful passport pictures for your baby to your home via US First Class mail. If you need passport photos urgently, no worries. After you upload your photo and make a payment on our website, give us address of your local Walgreens store and the passport photos for your loving baby will be ready at the store usually within 24 hours (Note: While picking up photos at your Walgreens or CVS store, there is no need to bring your baby nor does you baby need to be awake. Isn't this a blessing?)

How to take nice photos of baby at home for converting into passport photos?
Please click here to get some tips to take beautiful pictures at home.

Passport for babies FAQ

Does a baby need a passport?
Every U.S. citizen - including infants - needs a valid passport to enter and leave most foreign countries. The passport in the USA is issued by U.S. Department of State and for babies, it must be applied in person. (FYI: Passports can only be renewed by Mail. As for babies, this is their first passport so needs to be appied in person.)

Do I need to take my baby when applying for a US Passport?
Yes. You will need to take your baby when you are applying for a passport for her.

Do both parents need to be present at the time of applying a passport for a baby?
If your child has two parents or legal guardians, both must be present to sign the passport application. If both can't be present, you'll need a notarized Statement of Consent signed by the absent parent or guardian. If you're the sole parent - the other one is deceased or you have sole legal authority over your child - you'll need to provide evidence of that. If you can't prove you're the sole parent or for any reason can't get your child's other parent to sign the Statement of Consent, you'll have to explain why in the Special Circumstances box on the statement.

Where do I get Passport Application form for babies?
n application form for Passport is available at most of the Post Offices. You can also download the application form. You can fill up the form but make sure you don't sign it beforehand. The form needs to be signed in presence of Passport officer.

What evidence do I need to bring while applying a passport for an infant/baby?
* Bring your child's government-issued certified U.S. birth certificate with you.
* You and any other parent or guardian who appears must also have valid photo identification, such as a driver's license or current U.S. or foreign passport.
* You'll also need two regulation passport photos of your baby.