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If you have already uploaded your photo(s), you are almost done. Please read following notes carefully before you leave this page:

* If the name/email address used on PayPal is different than the name used while uploading photos, please click here and let us know so we can accurately match your photos with your oder.

* Please verify your phone number and email address in your PayPal account. Sometimes PayPal account was opened years ago and has old phone/email address. We use this info to contact you in case there is some problem with your order. If your phone# on PayPal order needs to be corrected, please click here and give us your current phone#.

* If you have provided Walgreens/CVS/Target/WalMart store address on the order, your photos will be ready at your local store within one business day (We tend to fulfill most orders are fulfilled within a business day but sometimes it may be delayed). You will get an email from us after we process your order. These emails will be delivered to the email account that you have used with PayPal. As most stores do not carry passport size photo papers, your photos will be printed on 4x6 print which you can easily cut at home with any scissors.
(IMPORTANT: Do not rush to your local store to pick up your photos BEFORE receiving an email confirmation from us. Please click on the link below to understand how we work with local stores:
How does 'free pick up at Walgreens/CVS/Target/WalMart' service work?

* If you have chosen to get photos shipped to your home, your photos will be mailed within 2 business days with USPS first class mail. They may take up to 5-7 business days to reach you.

*You can also request us to email you your passport photos on a 4x6 print format which you can take to any local lab and get printed within an hour (works great also for overseas customers).

* If you have placed order during a weekend or on a public holiday, please be patient with us. We also like to enjoy weekends and holidays.

* Please don't get stressed about your money. If you do not get photos, your money will be refunded.

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