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IMPORTANT: If you are using gmail.com email account, please add in your safe list, or keep checking your junk folder if you do not see our response in your inbox within a day.
Please do not crop or edit your photos yourself. We will do it professionally at our end.

PassportPhotos is pleased to announce easier 'Photo Pre-approval' and order processing on our website.

The process is very simple:

  1. (A) You send us your photos, one by one, using the form below, and include your Full name and email address too. (Note: Repeat this process if you have more than one photo to upload.)
    Or, (B) simply email us your photos to this address with your name and type of photos required: .
  2. We will then contact you by email with our review and we will let you know if your photo(s) can be converted into valid passport/visa photos or not. If photos are not suitable, we will give some suggestions and if photos can be used, we will send you a link for quick checkout.

(A) Send Us Your Photos For Pre-approval:

Please select your picture from your computer by clicking the Browse button below. Then enter your Email Address (so we can contact you back) and your Full Name (that you will be using while making payment later). Then click on Send Photos for Pre-approval button to upload your photo to our servers. If you are ordering Passport photos or Visa pictures for more than one person, please upload pictures one at a time by coming back to this page.

(Note: Do not forget to click on the 'Send Photo for Preapproval' after you have selected your picture.)

Photo to Upload:

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Your Full Name:

Important: By clicking on the button below, you confirm that you are the owner of photo being uploaded and the its use will not cause any copyright violation.


(B) Send Photos in an Email:

If this form is not working, or if you prefer, you can email picture(s) as attachment by sending email to: