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2 x 2 Photo for US Non-immigrant Visa (DS-160 and DS-1648), or Digital image for Canada Visa

On this page, you can order digital images as well as printed photos for (i) the new online nonimmigrant visa electronic applications: DS-160 and DS-1648, (ii) Canada Visa online application, or (iii) digital image for OCI (Overseas Citizenship of India) online application. These 3 online applications require digital images to be uploaded online with your application. Walgreens, Costco, or CVS photos will not be of any help as they do not offer digital images as per the requirements of US Visa, Canada Visa or OCI. We know the detailed specs for all 3 and we guarantee our images will meet all of their published guidelines. After your order is received, we will email the digital image normally within a few hours but 24 hours at most on most business days.

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Hey,Awesome! I can not believe this!! I was struggling to get this done from so many different photographers but you managed this within a few minutes.

Really appreciate your fast service and exact specs.


Thanks, M Mahajan

How to place an order for digital as well as printed photos:

2 simple steps:

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2 x 2 Digital Image Requirements for USA nonimmigrant visa online Application

For current requirements, please visit the official link on Travel.state.gov website of US Government

The submitted digital face image must adhere to the following specifications.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Eye Glasses are no longer allowed in US Passport and Visa photos. Examples of well-composed imagesDS 160 DS-1648 photo sample

  • The image file may be produced by acquiring an image with a digital camera or by digitizing a paper photograph with a scanner.
  • Image pixel dimensions must be in a square aspect ratio  (meaning the height must be equal to the width). Minimum acceptable dimensions are 600 pixels (width) — 600 pixels (height). Maximum acceptable dimensions are 1200 pixels (width) — 1200 pixels (height).
  • Must be in color (24 bits per pixel ) in sRGB color space (common output of most digital cameras).
  • Must be in the Joint Photographic Experts Group ( JPEG ) file interchange format (JFIF).
  • Head Size: The head height or facial region size (measured from the top of the head, including the hair, to the bottom of the chin) must be between 50% and 69% of the image's total height.
  • The eye height (measured from the bottom of the image to the level of the eyes) should be between 56% and 69% of the image's height.
  • Composition Checklist


Specs for Digital Photo for Canada Visa online application:

• The final frame size of the photo must be at least 35 mm x 45 mm (1 3/8" x 1 ¾"). 
• The photographs must show the full front view of the head, with the face in the middle of the photograph, and include the top of the shoulders. 
• The size of the head, from chin to crown, must be between 31 mm (1 ¼") and 36 mm (1 7/16"). 
• Digital dimensions are often expressed in pixels or DPI (dots per inch). The physical dimensions in pixels must be at least 420 x 540. Quality/Resolution: 
• If an existing photo is being scanned, the minimum resolution must be 600 pixels per inch. 
File Format: The file may be submitted in JPEG or JPEG2000 format. 
File Size: The final size of the image should be ideally 240 kB (kilobytes), but not less than 60 kB. 
Color: The image must be in color (24 bits per pixel) in sRGB color space which is the common output for most digital cameras.

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