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OCI Photos (Overseas Citizenship of India)

Important Announcement by Govt of India (November 4, 2020) :

The Indian Embassy at Washington DC, US will accept online applications for visa, Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI), renunciation, passport and Global Entry Programme (GEP) services through a new service provider, VFS Global, with effect from today (November 4).

The Embassy release stated, "With effect from 4 November 2020 (12:01 AM Eastern Standard Time), Embassy of India, Washington DC will accept online applications for OCI, Renunciation, Passport and GEP services through new service provider, VFS Global."


Important note about re-issuance of OCI Card - Rules relaxed till June 30, 2020!

Several airlines denying boarding to certain passengers below 20 or above 50 years of age for not having a new OCI card, in compliance with Indian government’s enforcement of the latest OCI card validity policy, stirred agitation among the foreign citizens of Indian origin in the United States, Europe, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, and the Middle East.

“Inadequate awareness about the sudden enforcement of the OCI card renewal rules which have been in place for years resulted in a mounting number of trip cancellations and cases of harassment at origin airports or during transit at connecting airports including Dubai, Doha, Singapore and France. We received an influx of requests from OCI card holders for their reservation cancellation over the past few weeks,” said the chief customer relations officer of IndianEagle.com, a leading air-ticketing organization in USA.

However, there is a major relief for Overseas Citizens of India with renewed passports but old OCI cards. The rigid enforcement of the OCI validity and renewal policy by immigration authorities and airline officials has been relaxed to ensure smooth travel to India till June 30, 2020. OCI cardholders, who are either below 20 or above 50 years of age, can continue to take flights to India with their new passports and old OCI cards until June 30, 2020. At the same time, they are required to carry their old canceled passport.

Yesterday, the Foreigners Division of the Home Ministry issued a directive ordering government agencies and airlines to lift the enforcement for hassle-free travel of children and senior citizens among the OCI card holders worldwide. It is a welcome relief as long as they possess the old cancelled passport.

In case OCI cardholders below 20 or above 50 years forget to carry or fail to produce their old canceled passport while traveling to India, they will be denied boarding. However, re-issuance of OCI card at the time of passport renewal for those below 20 or above 50 is a mandatory requirement that they must fulfill by June 30, 2020.

On seeing reports of massive inconvenience caused to children and senior citizens among the OCI cardholders, several Indian-origin leaders including Indian American Prem Bhandari raised the issue to Harsh Vardhan Shringla, Indian ambassador to the US, and the Civil Aviation Ministry of India, according to PTI.


We provide digital as well as printed OCI photos for "Overseas Citizenship of India" applicants. Recently, Indian consulates have started asking for a digital photo in jpg or jpeg. They also require a digital image of signature or thumb impression. You can scan or take a photo of it and we will format it as per OCI requirements so you can upload them with your online OCI application. We can also provide you printed photos.

OCI Digital Images Upload: Applicant's image and Applicant's signature image (Max size 500kb).
(Page 6 on this link: https://www.mha.gov.in/PDF_Other/2OCIcardholder_Brochure_15112019.pdf)

If you want only the printed photos, we will provide you 6 photos per person for $7.95. If you want ONLY the digital images of the photo AND signature/thumb impression, you can order the digital package only for $7.95. If you want all 3- digital images for photo & signature PLUS 6 printed photos- you can order combo for only $11.95. Please select the appropriate package in the PayPal checkout below.

For printed photos, please include the address of your local Walgreens, CVS or Target store so you can get photos generally within one business day. (As OCI requires photos on Glossy photo paper, please do not use Walmart store for printing as they print online orders on Matte/semi-glossy paper). We will email back digital images as fill attachments usually within few hours but within 24 hours at most on business days.

2 simple steps:

1. Click here to upload your photos or email them to

2. Make Payment: Pay with PayPal:

Size of the photos you need (if known)
Shipping Method
Store Address for Pickup

OCI in Lieu of PIO
All PIO cards are valid until March 31, 2020. After March 31, 2020, handwritten PIO cards will be considered as Invalid travel documents according to the ICAO guidelines. Therefore, all applicants, who have not yet converted their PIO cards to OCI card, are requested to apply for OCI in lieu of PIO.


Please note that different consulates in the USA have slightly different instructions for OCI passport photos, and they are subjective too, like face should not be too big or too small-- but we will reprint your photos free if your photos get rejected.

OCI Photo Requirement

On the Government of India website, they have the following specs.

Photograph to be affixed on the application should be a square shape of size not less than 51*51mm (with 80% coverage of face). It should have plain light color background (not white) without the border with front view of person's head and shoulders showing the full face in middle of the photograph. It should not be stapled and not have any signature.

These specs contrast with the websites of Consulates of India in the USA. Their specs ask for white background. Also, the sample photos show White background. Plus, sample photos show coverage by the face of around 60%. However, the Government of India website mentions 80% coverage!
We make photos of the average specs. We don't know which specs are accurate, the Govt of India website or Consulates/CKGS, but we can say one thing that photos we have created for OCI for our customers has almost 0% rejection rate so deal confidently with us.

Most consulates of India in the USA have outsourced OCI applications to CKGS (Cox and Kings Global Services)

Photograph requirements are on this link. Click here. (Detailed specs on this link: https://ociservices.gov.in/Photo-Spec-FINAL.pdf)
Photo Specifications



OCI Photo size requirement from the Master source- Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt of India

The photograph to be affixed on the application should be of square shape of size not less than 51*51mm (with 80% coverage by face). It should have light color background (not white) without border with the front view of the personís head and shoulders showing the full face in the middle of the photograph. Photographs that do not conform to these standards will be rejected and may cause a delay in processing the applications.

OCI Photos - Customer Feedback

Thank you very much for your thorough and expedited service with visa photos for my family. I just want to let you know that I must have visited about 10 stores including 3 Walgreens and 7 CVS and no one could do the 35mm x 35mm photos for me. I am glad I found your website; your service and follow up have been superb.

I have already recommended your services to two Indians today who are looking for visa photos.

Thu 11/12/09 6:44 PM

I received the photos they look great!
Great service! Very impressed.

Customer: Leena Joshi
Mon 8/17/09 8:46 PM

Additional Detail about OCI Photo Requirements:

If you are in the USA, the Internet, and the Web-site of your consulate itself can confuse you. As an example, on the San Francisco consulate website itself, on one page, they ask applicants to submit 3 photos and on others, they ask you to submit 2 copies with their OCI application! (We confirmed over the phone with them that they need only 2 copies.) Regarding 'OCI Photo size' and 'OCI Photo Background', every Consulate of India in the USA has its own guidelines!! San Francisco requires 2 x2 size photos with a white or off-white background even though the photo sample on their website is having colored background!!!

Embassy of India, Washington DC also seems to require 2x2 photos. Not sure if they want a white or colored background. (If you know this, please let us know for the benefit of other Indians in the USA)

Consulate of India, New York seems to have started asking for 2x2 inch photos too (since Feb 2010). Their website asks for color background (not white) but the document with details requirements for photos (the pdf document) asks for white or off-white background!!! We wish they were consistent in their requirements throughout their website!

OCI Photo specs Indian HIgh Commision in New Zealand
If you are applying to New Zealand High Commision of India (section 6), they want 51x51mm photos on colored background. After placing your order, email us and let us know that you need OCI photos for Indian High Commission in New Zealand.

Sample OCI Photo:
oci passport photos
Photos in 2x2 inch (51x51mm) size

OCI Photo requirements from various Indian Consulates in the USA

Consulate General of India, New York, USA

The OCI services have been outsourced to M/s Cox and Kings Global Services Pvt. Ltd. Applicants are advised to contact directly to the address mentioned below to make an appointment to submit of OCI application.

For Visa, OCI and Renunciation
Cox and Kings Global Services Pvt. Ltd.
2nd Floor, 235 West
23rd Street, New York-10011.
Website: www.in.ckgs.us 
Feedback/Contact: Click Here 
646-589-0088 & 516-206-1483

Consulate General of India, Chicago:

\" As the last date for conversion of PIO Cards into OCI cards i.e. June 30, 2017. is approaching near, all PIO cardholders are required to convert these cards into OCI cards by this deadline.The Conversion of PIO cards into OCI cards will be done free of charge(Gratis) for applications submitted until June 30, 2017."“Those who had applied for OCI card more than 3 months ago but have not as yet received their OCI cards may send an email(s) mentioning therein Reference No. starting with USAC…. to the Consulate at oci@indianconsulate.com.”

Following is taken from San Francisco Consulate:

The Embassy of India, Washington DC has outsourced the handling of OCI card applications to M/s. Cox & Kings Global Services (CKGS) w.e.f. May 21, 2014.  All applications received by Cox & Kings Global Services will be acknowledged to the applicants within 1-2 working days. 

OCI in lieu of PIO card

A separate online application for the issue of OCI card in lieu of the PIO card without payment of any registration fee has been devised and available at http://in.ckgs.us. The applicant will have to pay the service charges for the outsourcing company as well as postage charges.

The existing PIO cardholders can travel to India using the PIO card with a valid passport. However, the PIO cardholders are advised to apply for OCI in lieu of PIO as soon as possible at http://in.ckgs.us

Gazette Notification on Withdrawal of PIO scheme and merger of PIO card with OCI card and GUIDELINES for registration of new OCI cards.  Gazette Notification No.L—(N)04/0007/2003—15 dated 10.03.2015

Consulate General or India, Houston, Texas

For Visa, OCI and Renunciation  related services, all applicants must send their applications or walk-in to Cox & Kings Global Services (CKGS) at the following address:

Cox & Kings Global Services (CKGS)
Binz Building,
1001 Texas Avenue, Suite 550,
Houston, TX 77002
Phone No: 516-206-1483 / 646-589-0088
Contact/Feedback: ww1.in.ckgs.us/feedback

Following is taken from Embassy of India, Washington DC:


                     Website: http://www.in.ckgs.us

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