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Canada Permanent Resident (PR Card) Photo

If you are looking for details about applying for Canada PR Card- IMM 5445 please click here. The current page is more about Canada PR card photos.

. Canada PR Card photographs are same as Canada passport photographs. They are also materially different from Canada Visa photos too when it comes to head size.

Canada Immigration photos are photos used with Canada Immigration, Permament Resident Card applications/renewals.

Canada Visa photos are photos used for Canada Visitor Visa application, Canada Temporary Resident Visa, Canada Study Permit or Canada Work Permit.

Please note that Canada Immigration photos require the Date Photo Was Taken on the back of one of the photos. This is for you to mention when this photo was taken. Onlinepassportphoto.com will NOT do this for you as we do not know when the photo was actually taken. You will need to ask the photographer/person taking your photo to put his/her details on the back.

PR CARD Photo Specifications (Source: Canada Citizenship and Immigration) Date Modified:2012-05-31

Permanent Resident Card photos are not the same as passport photos.

PR Card

The two photos must: