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Indian Passport Photo

Indian Passport photos are 2x2 inch (51x51m) size for Indian consulates in the USA. They are similar to USA Passport photos with one major difference. Indian passport photos require the head to be much bigger compared to the size of the head required in USA passport photos. USA requires the head to be between 1.12 to 1.37 inches while Indian passport photos ask for the head to cover around 80% of the photo.

Important Note: Like US Passport photos, Indian passport photos are now required to be without glasses as per a note by Indian Consulate in San Francisco. Also, want photos with a Colored Shirt hence please do not take photo in light colored shirt or dress India Passport no glasses
(Source: VFS document: https://visa.vfsglobal.com/one-pager/india/united-states-of-america/oci-services/pdf/photo-specification.pdf)

india passport photo size

Important Announcement by Govt of India (November 4, 2020) : The Indian Embassy at Washington DC, US will accept online applications for visa, Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI), renunciation, passport and Global Entry Programme (GEP) services through a new service provider, VFS Global, with effect from today (November 4).

The Embassy release stated, "With effect from 4 November 2020 (12:01 AM Eastern Standard Time), Embassy of India, Washington DC will accept online applications for OCI, Renunciation, Passport and GEP services through new service provider, VFS Global."

(If you need PAN card photos for India, the size is 25mm x 35mm. OCI photos are similar to US Passport photos but with some differences. Click here for OCI photo details.)

India Passport photo size

Indian Passport- Change of Name by Woman Applicant Consequent upon Marriage

Consulates of India in the USA require an Affidavit for Change of Name by Woman Applicant Consequent Upon Marriage. This form submission requires a 2 x 2 inches photo which needs to be a joint photo of the couple. There are no published guidelines for the photo but you can place an order with us and we will help you get "Joint Photograph of 2" x 2". After you place your order, forward us the email you receive from PayPal and let us know that you need a Joint Photo for Name Change on Indian Passport.

Indian Passport photo size within Canada

If you are in Canada, you can still order with us and get photos within a day at no extra charge. We will make 51 x 51 mm photos for you and email them on a 4x6 inch print format which you can get printed at home or at any local photo store, like any digital camera print, and you will get exact sized 6 photos for Indian passport renewal.

Consulate General of India Toronto and Consulate General of India at Vancouver require passport photo similar to what Indian consulates in USA require.

OnlinePassportPhoto.com can help you get passport photos in 2 easy steps. Take a photo at home with your digital camera, upload it on our website and make a payment. We will mail your photos with 2 business days or you can provide us Walgreens store address on your payment with PayPal and you will be able to pick up your Indian passport photos there within 1-2 days at no additional charge.
Online Passport Photos will provide you Indian Passport Photos at a low price of $8. If your consulate requires 35mm x 35mm sized photos, you will get 8 passport photos and if your consulate requires 2x2 inch photos, we will provide you 6 passport photos for renewal of your Indian Passport.

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Indian Passport Photo Size in India:

    If you are applying for a passport in India, you don't have to worry about passport photos. They will take your photo in the passport office only. For children younger than 4 years, you will need to bring 35x45mm sized photos.
    For general use in India, like for Bank Account or Power of Attorney, or for renewing Indian passport in Canada, you can use 35x45mm or 35x35mm sized photos.

How To Order Indian Passport Photos:

First, make sure the photo you send us meets the following requirements:
  • Full UPPER HALF BODY view with all facial features clearly visible.
  • Face should neither be too bright nor too dark
  • If wearing spectacles - reflections of light from the glasses should not be visible.
  • White or near-white background with no visible shadow on the face or background.
  • Do not wear white/ light-colored shirt as it blends with a light background.
  • Light reflection from hair should not be visible.

    Click below to make your payment ($8 for 6 or 8 Indian passport photos).
    Note: For Houston consulate, you will get 35mm x 35mm sized photos. For other consulates, you will get 6 2x2 inch photos. If you need 35x35mm photos for some other purpose (like opening bank account or for a power of Attorney, etc.), please select the size of 35x35mm while making your payment with PayPal, or click on this link and let us know the size.

    If you have not uploaded your photos yet, please click here to upload your photos now.

    Indian Passport Photos

    Indian Passport" Photos Requirements for Various Indian Consulates in the USA:

    As your photograph is scanned and printed on the passport, it should be of high quality for reproduction and conform to International Civil Aviation Organization specifications:
    Four passport size photographs (size 3.5 cm X 3.5 cm with white background)showing frontal view of the full face including the one to be pasted on the top of application form

    Consulate General of India, Chicago

    The Consulate General of India, Chicago outsourced the handling of Passport and related applications to M/s. BLS International Services Ltd.
    The outsourcing arrangement in respect of the area falling under the Consular jurisdiction of this Consulate has come into effect on 7th May 2013.
    M/s. BLS International Services Ltd in Chicago is located at 29 East Madison Street, Suite # 1203, Chicago IL 60602. The website and location details are given below: http://www.blsindia-usa.com

    Consulate General of India, San Francisco

    With effect from May 07, 2013, M/s BLS International Services Ltd will be the new service provider for Passport and Passport Related Services.

    Consulate General of India, New York

    Three passport size photographs (size 2 inches x 2 inches with white background)showing frontal view of the full face including the one to be pasted on the top of application form;

    Consulate General of India, Houston

    Handling of Passport applications has been outsourced to M/s BLS International Services Ltd with effect from 7th May 2013. BLS International Services Ltd in Houston is located at 9800 Northwest Fwy, Suite 602, Houston, TX- 77092.

    Consulate General of India - Atlanta

    BLS International Services Ltd is a new service provider for Passport Services w.e.f. May 07, 2013. The Services of the current service provider VFS Global Ltd have been terminated w.e.f. May 07, 2013. Their website and location details are given below:
    Website: http://www.blsindia-usa.com
    Atlanta: 5775 Glenridge Drive Northeast, Building B Suite # 390, Atlanta GA 30328 Tel: 404-600-2198 email: atlanta@blsindia-usa.com

    Embassy of India, Washington DC