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After the successful launch of Japanese Passport photos, we are pleased to announce the extension of our revolutionary online Passport Photo services for Japanese Visa photos. We know how difficult it is to get non-standard size photos taken in the USA so we are very pleased to announce the availability of passport photos for Japanese Visa delivered directly to your home. Note: You can also get them usually within 24 hours by either selecting an option to pick at your local Walgreens store or by asking us to e-mail passport photos in a 4x6 print format that you can take to any photo lab or store and get printed yourself. After an order is placed, click here to provide us the address of your local Walgreens store.

Japanese Visa Application requires two 45mm x 45mm passport-type photos taken within the previous six months (stateless persons must submit three photos)

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This is a great service, exactly what I needed.

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Sample photos for Japan Visa

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Japanese Visas: Required Documents:

Click here for Official Information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan)
The following documents must be submitted whatever the purpose of the visit:
  • Passport
  • Two 45mm x 45mm passport-type photos taken within the previous six months (stateless persons must submit three photos)
  • Two official visa application forms, available at the embassy or consulate.
  • documents certifying the purpose of the visit (see the accompanying table)
Please make your application at an embassy or consulate after preparing these documents.

Documents Certifying the Purpose of the Visit

Please remember that the documents listed in the accompanying table are for general cases. In specific cases, applicants may be able to omit some documents, or they may be requested to submit additional documents depending on the content of the application. In particular, applicants for Temporary Visitor Status may be requested to submit such documents as a letter giving the reason for the invitation or a letter of guarantee from the person in Japan inviting them, in addition to the documents shown in the accompanying table.

In principle, foreigners who possess a Certificate of Eligibility can submit two copies (the original and a photocopy) of the certificate, instead of documents certifying the purpose of the visit. However, they may be requested to submit additional documents. As all documents are to be submitted directly by the applicant, any documents prepared in Japan must be sent to the applicant. For further details, please inquire at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or at the embassy or consulate where the application will be made. (See Appendix 3 for locations.)

Please note the following when submitting the required documents:
* One copy of each of the documents should be submitted. (If you are requested to submit two or more copies of a document, please submit the original and one or more photocopies.)
* If it is impossible to submit the original of a document, please submit a photocopy.
* The letter of guarantee should be similar to the example shown after the accompanying table. As long as the necessary items are all included, you can produce your own.
* For all other documents besides the letter of guarantee, there is no official format, so please produce your own in an appropriate manner.

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