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OCI Card Renewal process

Why and when to renew OCI Card?

  • In case the existing OCI card holder wishes to update/upload the latest information about his latest passport, Change in address/Occupation/Contact details.
  • In case issuance of new Passport Details (each time a new passport is issued up to 20 years of age
  • In case issuance of new Passport Details once after completing 50 years of age)- NOTE: This is a free online upload! You don't need to send any document of pay any fees! It is Gratis (Free) Follow the instructions below.
  • In case change in address/occupation/contact details.
  • In case of change of personal particulars viz. name, father's name, nationality etc.
  • In case of loss/damage of OCI registration certificate.
  • In case of Renunciation of OCI Card.

Before you start OCI Renewal, you will need OCI digital images.

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  • Before you start the renewal process on Government of India, OCI Servies website, be ready with Applicant's image and Applicant's signature image (Max size 500kb).

    • The height and width of the Applicant Photo must be equal.
    • The minimum dimensions are 200 pixels (width) x 200 pixels (height).
    • The maximum dimensions are 1500 pixels (width) x 1500 pixels (height).
    • The height and width of the Signature Photo must have aspect ratio 1:3.
    • The minimum dimensions are 200 pixels (width) x 67 pixels (height).
    • The maximum dimensions are 1500 pixels (width) x 500 pixels (height).
  • Kindly be ready with supporting documents in PDF format (Max size 1000kb).

Where to get OCI Digital iamges?

Don't worry. It is a simple process. Take a photo of yourself, and a scan or a photo of your signature. Provide us that and and we will provide you OCI compliant images. Click here for details. We guarantee you acceptance, and also the lowest prices.

How to Renew OCI Card

1. Visit Government of India OCI Services website:

2. Click on the OCI Miscellaneous Service page

OCi Renewal

There are two TYPES of OCI Miscellaneous (Renewal) Services:-

  1. Gratis Service (Free)
  2. Chargeable

OCI Gratis (Free) Service

Depending upon reason of using Miscellaneous Service options, system will show option to under Gratis or Chargeable Service.

In case when applicants are applying for Passport Particulars updation after getting new passport after 20 years of age, system automatically reflect that service under Chargeable Category.

  • For Gratis Services:-
    • No form need to be submitted at VFS Centre.
    • No Fee to be aid.
    • Completely Online process
    • New details will be updated in the OCI database and OCI Cardholders can travel easily with same OCI card and current Passport.
  • For Chargeable Service: Application along with requisite documents is required to be submitted at VFS centre with prior appointment and payment of Fees. A renewed OCI card will be issued.

Documents Required for Gratis Services

Applicants are required to upload CLEAR photo/signature in JPEG Format only

Signature: Above 5 years old need to sign or write their name & then upload. 

Thumb Impression: Child 5 years or below need to upload Left hand thumb impression in blue/black ink

For Passport particulars updation: upload current passport copy (alongwith signature page)

For Address/Occupation Updation: No document is required to be uploaded.

In case OCI is obtained on the basis of Spouse: Current Passport copy of spouse (alongwith signature page) and Consent letter from Spouse/Declaration Form.4

3. Click the Proceed button in Green color in the screen above.

4. Accept the Terms on the next page by clicking the blue Accept button as shown below.

OCI Card Renew

5.Follow the steps. You will need the date when you aquired foreign nationality, your OCI card details and your current passport. If you need more help, you can visit this page: https://www.tesz.in/guide/oci-renew-usa#
. If needed, feel free to send us an email or contact us through the form on our website.

Track Status of OCI Renewal Application in USA

Follow the below steps to check the status of OCI Renewal application.

  • Click on Proceed.

  • Enter Passport Number and File Reference Number

OCI Renewal Status

Once you provide Application Reference number and Passport number, your status will be displayed like this:

OCI Renewal Status