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PRC Photo- Philippines

PRC (Professional Regulation Commission) Photo for online upload:

Online Passport Photos can help you with PRC (Professional Regulation Commission) photos. If you want to place an order for these photos, please do mention "Philippines PRC" as a Country name, and photo size as 2x2 inch, on your order. You can select Digital image for onilne upload, or a 4x6 inch print with 6 photos for printing photos.

Note: If you are not in the USA, we can still help you get the PRC photos. Instead of sending you the photos in the mail, we will put 8 such photos on a 4x6 print format and email you. 4x6 inch print format is very common the world over and can be printed in almost every photo lab/photo store. Or just ask us to email a single 2x2 inch photo for online upload.

PRC (Professional Regulation Commission) Photos Specs:

Below is the requirement for picture:

PRC photo sepcs

FAQ: PRC Application

You can also order photos for APEC Architet:. On your order, in country name, please select Philippines APEC.

What are the requirements to be registered as an APEC Architect? A. Prepare the Binder (preferred to be in A4 size in portrait form) of your Submission in One (1) original and two (2) copies of the following:

  1. Covering letter
  2. Three (3) copies of 2 ” x 2” photographs taken during the last 6 months
  3. Completed forms for application for registration as an APEC Architect
  4. Photocopies of documents and other submittals required in the forms for application

Old Specs for PRC:: Sample of OLD PRC (Professional Regulation Commission) Photo. If for some reasons, you want to order photos as per the previous specs, with nametag, please email us and let us know the Exact Name you want to print on the photos.


PRC Professional Regulation Photo