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Passport Photo- Kyrgyzstan

The Kyrgyz embassy in the USA requires digital along with 2 color photos to replace a passport. Here is a link to their photo requirements (40mm by 60mm)


  1. Personal photo is made in color4 x 6 cm image on white background, on glossypaper, no corner.
  2. The main parameters of a personal photo:• The size of the submitted photo is 40 x 60 +/- 2 mm•
  3. The size of the face of the head is at least 15 mm.  (frontpart of the head - the distance from the bottom of the chin toconditional horizontal line drawn through the pupilseye)
  4. The image is placed on the photo so thatthe image-free overhead margin was 5 +/- 1 mm.
  5. Characteristics of a personal photo:
  6. In personal photographs, the face must bephotographed strictly in full face, with facial expressions(expression) that does not distort his features, without a headheaddress.  It is advisable to take photographs inplain suit (dress)
  7. It is not allowed to photograph faces with glasses withtinted glass
  8. General and in detail blurring of the photograph is unacceptable,the presence of blurry highlights in the image of the eyes
  9. Photos can only be taken with technicalretouching the negative, distortion of the characteristicfacial features• In general, the image on a personal photo should besharp, clear, medium contrast, with softblack and white pattern.  The background is white.  Smooth,free of stripes, spots and images of foreign objects
  10. The photos are not allowed to breaks, scratches,damage to the emulsion layer, drips, stains,