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Passport Photos at Target

We visited a few Target stores and searched on the Targetphoto.com website but could not make sure if they offer Passport photo service in all stores. We know some do but it is difficult to know for sure which stores offer Passport photos.
If you have a digital camera at home, you can follow a simple process and we can help you get 6 Passport photos for $8.95! Not only that, most stores offer only 2x2 inch US Passport photos but we can help you get passport or visa photos for any country, including Canada, India, Australia, the UK for a low price of $8.95.

We are the best in the business of passport photos. We are among the cheapest and we print the best photos. Some websites have lower prices but their automated tools do not fix or enhance your photos. Having seen photos of thousands of customers, we know that 95% of photos have issues like redeye, shadows, non-white background, tilted head, and reflections of flash on glasses. We are among the few businesses that will manually fix all these problems to get optimum exposure in your passport photos. We have worked with a variety of photos and different photo issues but the passport/visa/immigration photos we have created have more than a 99% acceptance rate. Click here to see what our customers say about our quality and service on our Facebook page.
With Digital cameras and Internet connections in almost every US household, you can get your passport photos without leaving your home. Two simple steps: Upload your photo and make a payment. Then, passport photos will be delivered to your home. If you have an urgent need for passport photos, we can arrange a pick-up at your local Target store too.

However, if you like to have passport photos taken at the store, continue reading. Most retail stores also take passport pictures. Click here for a Passport photo service price comparison at major stores. We will also include if there are discount coupons or online codes for passport photos at your local stores.

Passport Photos at Target

As we know, Target Photo Website does not offer information about Passport picture services at its retail stores. Their online pictures/photo print service is very good. They have tie-ups with Snapfish, Photobucket and Kodak Gallery so you can print photos from those services at your local Target store. However, in our experience, the links between Kodak Gallery and Target stores are not 100% reliable. We have seen that there are times these services are broken so online, you will get an error like 'your local target store can not accept your photos online currently' or your local store will not come up.

Customer Reviw about online passport photos
Recently I have placed an order with onlinepassportphoto.com, I must say it was a very smooth process. They are very fast at responding to your inquiries, or if you wish they can answer your questions on the phone. So the experience I had with onlinepassportphoto.com was outstanding. I say this because, in the past, I have gotten many passport pictures and they were of very poor quality. In my opinion, this website is the best out there, no one will be able to beat their service or price. I assure you, you will receive wonderful passport pictures!

M Mathew
Monday, May 17, 2010,
Excellent service and very fast. I used it 2 weeks back..sent them my pics they sent me an approved letter. I paid online and got my pics from the nearest Walgreen..not only that received a passport without any issue with the pics..cheaper and better than the costlier service outside...I will surely recommend this service to others. Good luck and keep doing the good and smart work!!!

Chirag Shah
Friday, Jan 15, 2010

Hi, I want to thank you for your excellent service. I got my pics and they are great. I would recommend you to all my friends and anyone who wants to get their passport pics taken.
The process is quite simple and your response to any questions is great!!
Sun 6/28/09 9:00 PM

Passport Photos at Walmart

Walmart offers 2 passport photos for the price of $7.44.
Go to Walmart Website and click on Store Finder by entering your Zip. It will bring your local stores. Click on the store near you and it will bring the info that includes if they have the photo lab in the store (most Walmart stores have it). If they do, they will also have the phone number. Call them and find out if they take Passport Photos at your local Walmart before you go down. We have never seen any passport photo coupons or promotional codes at Walmart stores for passport pictures.

Passport Photos at Walgreens

Walgreens is another retail store with thousands of stores. Most probably you will have a Walgreen near you. To find out if they have a Passport Photos facility in your local Walgreens store, please click on this link. It will take you to the right page. Enter your Zip and find the local store. Our advice would be to call the store and make sure they take passport photos, their passport photo equipment is working and they have the photo technician available to take your passport photos. Regarding Passport photo coupons at Walgreens, we have seen that they have $5 for 2 passport photos promotions for around 2 to 3 times a year.

Passport Photos at CVS:

CVS is also one of the dominant players in the retail Passport Pictures service. They normally charge $9.99 for two passport photos. Their passport photo service is as good as any other major retail chain. If you are patient enough, once every few months, you will see the CVs promotions for Passport Photos. They will offer 2 passport photos for $5 (FYI: We offer 6 passport pictures) during the promotion period or $2 off the set of 2 passport photos. Click here to go directly to CVS to get a coupon or click here to download a CVS Passport Photo coupon (expires 12/31/2009).

Passport Photos at RiteAid

RiteAid is also one of the dominant players in retail Passport Photos service. They normally charge $8.99 for two passport photos. If you are patient enough, once every few months, you will see the Rite-Aid promotions for Passport Photos. They will offer 2 passport photos for $5 (FYI: We offer 6 passport pictures) during the promotion period or sometimes they have $5 off -instantly or with one of the best online rebates services- "Rite Aid Single Check Rebates"

Passport Photos at Kinko's

We are not much familiar with the Passport Pictures service at Kinko's. If you have any experience, please let us know and we would like to share them for the benefit of our readers. Looks like their charges are on the higher end $10 to $15 for 2 passport photos.

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