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Passport Photos at Rite Aid

Most Rite Aid stores offer passport photos in the store. They generally charge $15 for two USA photos. If you need more than 2 photos, or if you need photos in other sizes like 35x45mm, 25x35, or 33x48 mm size for China, India, UK, Australia, Germany, Schengen, or Canada, Rite Aid stores will not be useful.

Why not Order with us?
We can help you get photos cheaper- 6 photos for only $8.95. You can also order passport visa photos for any country and in any size.
Simple and easy process. Take a photo at home, Upload it here, and make a payment Done!. You can pick up passport photos near you at any Walgreens, CVS, Target, or RiteAid store on the same day. Or we can provide you a formatted 4x6 inch print with 6 or 8 passport photos on it which you can take to the store and get printed for around 29 - 39 cents total.

Online Passport Photo is Easy

However, if you like to have passport photos taken the old way, here is the information for you too. Most retail stores also take passport pictures. Click here for a passport photo service price comparison at major stores if you want to have passport photos taken at your local store. We will also include if there are discount coupons or online codes for passport photos at various retail stores.

Passport Photos at Rite Aid

Rite Aid is also one of the dominant players in retail Passport Photos service. They normally charge $8.99 for two passport photos. If you are patient enough, once every few months, you will see the Rite-Aid promotions for Passport Photos. They will offer 2 passport photos for $6 (FYI: We offer 6 passport pictures) during the promotion period or sometimes they have $5 off -instantly or with one of the best online rebates services- "Rite Aid Single Check Rebates"
In our experience, the Rite Aid photo service is not streamlined. Many times, when you go to the store to pick up photos that were ordered from the Rite Aid website, store employees are not able to track the photos. Also, many stores do not have in-store printing for orders placed online but the website at the time of order placement sometimes fails to alert Rite Aid customers. We are hoping Rite Aid Photo improves its processes and image qualities so it can offer a good alternative to customers that are currently using Walgreens or CVS.

Passport photo at Rite-Aid vs Online Passport Photo:

  1. The process is simple. Go to the store and get photos taken at a Rite Aid store near you.
  2. You can get photos within hours for US Passports in 2x2 inch size.
  3. Rite Aid stores can be found within a few miles in most cities.
  1. Not always near you: Rite Aid stores may not be there in many areas, and not all Rite-Aid stores offer passport photo service.
  2. Rite Aid Passport photo cost: Compared to only 2 photos for $9.95 at Walgreens, you can get passport photo printing from home with us- 6 passport photos for the USA for only $9.95 and 12 photos for $11.95.
  3. If you are driving say 10 miles to go to a Rite Aid store just to get your passport photos, you will be spending around $10 as per GSA per mile costing $.58 cents by US Government.
  4. Besides your driving time, you will be expected to wait around an hour since you entered the store and left the store with finished photos.
  5. You may end up spending on things you do not need!
  6. Passport photo service at Rite Aid : Most Rite Aid stores offer only 2x2 inch US Passport photos. OnlinePassportPhoto.com offers passport photos for almost any country (including UK, Germany, India, China, Korea, Australia, Canada, etc.) and in any size. You can also order 35x45mm photos for the UK, Australia, and Europe, or 33x48mm photos for China Passport, or 35x35mm photos for Indian Passport.

Passport Photos at Target

As we know, Target stores do not offer Passport picture service at their retail stores. Their online pictures/photo print service is very good. They have tie-ups with Snapfish, PhotoBucket, and Kodak Gallery so you can print photos from those services to your local Target store. However, in our experience, the links between Kodak Gallery and Target stores are not 100% reliable. We have seen that there are times these services are broken so online, you will get an error like 'Your local target store can not accept your photos online currently'.

Passport Photos at Kinko's

We are not much familiar with the Passport Pictures service at Kinko's. If you have any experience, please let us know and we would like to share them for the benefit of our readers. Looks like their charges are on the higher end $10 to $15 for 2 passport photos.