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OnlinePassportPhotos is pleased to announce to the extension of our revolutionary online Passport Photo services for Spain Fotos de pasaporte . We know how difficult it is to get nonstandard size passport photos taken in the USA so we are very pleased to announce the availability of passport photos for Spain Passport or Visa delivered directly to your home. Note: You can also get them usually within 24 hours by either selecting an option to pick at your local Walgreens store or by asking us to e-mail passport photos in a 4x6 print format that you can take to any photo lab or store and get printed yourself.

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IMPORTANT: Spain seems to be part of 1995 Schengen Agreement. Schengen passport/visa applications generally requires 35x45mm photos so we are still trying to validate what is the correct size of passport photos required for Spain. If you happen to have accurate information, please share with us by sending an email to: or click here to send us a message.

Spain Passport Photo size:

spain passport photo size


Consulate of Spain, Chicago- Passport Photo requirements

In the new type of passport is essential that the photograph meets certain requirements is carefully, as not only the picture is printed on the passport for identification of the person, but used as a watermark on the area data to prevent counterfeiting. Therefore, you can not accept a picture that does not meet the following requirements:

New Passport:
The measures of the new Spanish passport standards are equal to those for U.S. passport photos. It must be passport size (the can be taken at any Walgreens or CVS), color and light background (preferably white) smooth and uniform, taken in the face without sunglasses or any other garment that prevents or hinders the identification person. In the photograph, the face will occupy at least 70 percent, counted from the beginning of the chin to the end of the head.
May not be photos printed on plain paper with a color printer, since in this case, scanning, printing appreciate the points, so that the resulting photograph printed on the passport is of very poor quality.

Passports "provisional"

The passport "provisions" of a kind that had been issuing until recently, and with a limited validity, they need a picture a little smaller, like the one used in the renovation of the DNI in Spain.

Length 4cm, width 3cm
Length 1.4 / 8 ", width 1.1 / 8"

This information is taken as of June 11, 2010 from Chicago Consulate link.

Spain Consulate at Los Angeles:

Does not say much about the size or other requirements for passport photos. It sImply states, Passport-size photos must be attached to the application form provided by the consular office. In the case of loss or theft of the previous passport, the application must be accompanied by the corresponding report from the local authorities.