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United States (N400) Citizenship photos

Congratulations on being eligible for the world's most sought-after citizenship. We share your excitement. We are here to help you get the best photos for your N400 - US Citizenship Application. OnlinePassportPhotos is pleased to offer our revolutionary online Passport Photo services for USA Citizenship photos. (We also process USA Lottery Visa Photos. Click here for details)

Our Online Passport Photo service is simple. You take photos at home with your digital camera (don't worry about size or requirements by US government agencies. Just make sure you have a white or light background and a head with full shoulders is visible. Click here to look at some sample photos our customer took at home), upload them on our website, and make your payment.

OnlinePassportPhotos.com will fulfill your order in any one of the following ways:

  • Mail the photos to your address on your PayPal order. This is the default method of fulfillment and you do not need to do anything after placing your order.
  • We can make your photos available for pick up at Walgreens or other retail stores at NO extra charge. (Except for Walmart, some stores require around 40 cents payment at the time of pickup. We strongly recommend you use Walgreens.) To use this facility, place your order and then click here and let us know the address of your local store.
We can email you multiple passport photos in an exact 4x6 print format. To use this option, after placing your order, please click here and tell us to email you your formatted passport photos.

Ready to place an order for your US Citizenship Photos?

  1. Upload your digital photos (click here to upload your photos now).
  2. Make your payment with PayPal:

Pay with PayPal (Fill in the Walgreens store address if you want to pick it up there at no extra charge)

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If you have an urgent need for passport photos, after your order is placed and photos are uploaded, please click here to give us the address of your local Walgreens store.