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Singapore Passport Photos

We offer our innovative and fast online passport photo service for passport photos for Singapore. Upload your digital photo, place an order with us and within few days, you will receive your 6 Singapore Passport photos in mail within USA. If you need the passport photos urgently, after placing an order, please click here and provide us address of your local Walgreens store or Walmart and we will make your Singapore Passport photos available for pickup at your local store without any extra charge.
Important Note: For Singapore Passport photos, you can pick up only at a Walgreens or WalMart because they require photos on Matt paper and only these two stores offer the option of Matt/Luster paper.
If you live outside USA, you can still use our service. Instead of mailing photos in the mail, we will email you a 4x6 print format with 6 Singapore passport photos on it which you can take to any local photo lab on a Flash drive, CD or an SD card and get printed on Matt or Luster paper.

Singapore Passport Photo Size and Requirements(England Passport Pictures)

A recent passport sized color photograph that meets the following specifications:

  1. Sharp and clear, 35mm wide by 45mm high without border and taken within the last 3 months;
  2. Taken full face with you looking directly at the camera with head straight and eyes open with no hair across and/or covering your eyes/ eyebrows. Both edges of your face and the top of your shoulder must be clearly shown. You must not look over any shoulder and your head must not be tilted;
  3. Taken with the image of your face measuring between 25 mm and 35 mm from chin to crown of head;
  4. Taken without wearing any hat or other head covering, unless you habitually wear a hat or head covering in accordance with your religious or racial custom. If any such hat or head covering is worn, the photograph must still be a full frontal view of your head and shoulders, showing your facial features in entirety with eyes open and clearly visible;
  5. If you wear glasses, the photograph must show your eyes clearly with no flash reflection off the glasses. The frames shall not cover any part of your eyes. Tinted glasses and sunglasses are not allowed;
  6. Taken with uniform lighting with no flash reflections, no shadows, no uneven bright spots on the face and no red eyes;
  7. Of white background, except that where if your hair, hat or head covering is white, the background must be light grey;
  8. The photograph must show you alone with no chair back, toys or other persons visible;
  9. The photograph must be printed on high quality paper at high resolution with a matt or semi-matt finish with no ink marks or creases.

You can order printed photos with us or DIGITAL Image to be used with APPLES system

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Singapore Passport

One can apply online for Singapore Passports using the automated system APPLES- Application for Passport On-line Electronic System (APPLES).

"Singapore APPLES Digital Photo"

Digital photo image file with the following specifications : Your photograph image must be - in colour taken against plain white background without shadows; - taken within the last 3 months; - show the full face and without headgear (see sample photo on the right) (headgear worn in accordance with religious or racial customs is acceptable but must not hide the facial features);

How to take a digital photograph for submission via APPLES?

Guidelines on Taking Photograph

How do I prepare a scanned digital image of my photograph?

adjust the resolution / clarity of the image to adjust the size of the image to 400 by 514 pixels file size not more than 150 Kbytes

Sample Singapore Passport photos:


Sample of Bad/Invalid photos for Singapore Passport

passport photo sample

passport pictures sample

singpore sample photos

passport photos singapore

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